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Rubbish Clearance Surrey

We Collect, Shred and Recycle Your Baled & Palletised Paper Waste 

Nationwide Service with low costs and maximum recycling

Paper waste is taken care of by experts

For factories, retail outlets, distribution centres and other large waste paper and cardboard producers, we can supply compactors, balers or roll-on roll-off bins where you can place mixed or segregated materials.

A rebate will be paid depending on the weight and mix of the materials removed.

We charge only for the collection or exchange of the compactor or bin.

Higher rates will be paid for segregated material, so keep your cardboard and paper separate if possible. See our low-cost rubbish removal.

Why we are trusted with your paper recycling

We work with all the major paper and card converters to ensure we obtain the best rebates available.

Alternatively, for offices that are large producers of waste paper, we can supply large hessian sacks which can hold up to 20kg of paper.

We collect on a regular basis from inside your premises. We can collect one or one hundred bags, and the costs are the same.

Our operatives will leave one empty sack for every full one they remove. Recycle rates for paper when segregated are 100%

For offices producing only small amounts of paper waste, we can supply branded recycling bags that you fill with paper (or any dry mixed recyclables) and place them out for collection at an agreed time.

How easy is recycling paper?

It’s all too easy to find yourself wasting paper.

There are various situations which can lead to a collection of crumpled sheets piling up in the bin, such as attempting to write a letter or making rough notes. As easy as this is to do, it is important to remember that paper is a recyclable product and can be reused again and again – the average sheet of paper fibre can be recycled between six and eight times in its lifetime.

Here at The Recycling People, we can provide paper recycling bins and collection bags of various kinds for waste paper recycling. These are a fantastic way to reduce the amount of waste that will go to landfill when it can just as easily be recycled for reuse. Many offices, retail stores and other places of business use waste paper recycling to ensure that they maintain an environmentally-friendly approach to the waste they produce

Your recycling gone with one simple booking

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Arrive on a time that suits you

All rubbish is removed with no mess

93% of waste collected is recycled

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