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Rubbish Clearance Surrey

Clearing Rubbish from Surrey’s homes & offices since 2008.
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Photo of rubbish we have taken away for a Surrey home

Businesses, charities and local authorities are learning that it pays to recycle.

Cans, newspapers, cardboard and plastics all have a recyclable value.

For businesses and local authorities, it dramatically reduces disposal costs, and for charities, it is always a way of raising vital funds.

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Globally it reduces the demand for raw materials, saves energy and prevents pollution caused by less inventive ways of disposing of waste.

We Aim to Recycle 100% of Waste Collected

Rubbish we take that is recycled

Here at The Recycling People, we promise over 97% of all domestic and commercial junk is recycled, to ensure a lower impact on the environment and no waste left to go to landfill sites.

Here are some of the items we recycle for you:

recycling rubbish

Working closely with local councils, business and more than 100 charities

Working closely with local councils, businesses and over 100 charities, TRP now handles deliveries, collections and the transfer of tonnes of paper, cans and plastics daily.

A substantial quantity of newspapers and magazines – more than 500 tonnes a week, which is equivalent to 3,400 trees – is handled as a result of contracts with GGS, while cans, cardboard and plastics are brought in on a daily basis to be sorted for recycling.

“It’s a fact that in today’s increasingly environmentally aware society, everybody should be recycling”, explains Peter More.

“What is in doubt is whether everybody, including Government, local authorities, industry and business and individual people are committed to taking the time and making an effort to recycle”.

“TRP makes that commitment easier by providing a dependable collection service and modern recycling facility. We save local authorities and businesses money on waste disposal costs and help charities make money”.

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