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Rubbish Clearance Surrey

Free Cardboard Recycling across Surrey and Nationwide locations

Get your cardboard recycling collected for a low cost

For large producers such as distribution centres, retail malls or factories, we can supply roll-on-off containers or compactors.

This service is charged only on a collection or exchange basis, and a full rebate at the best market value for the cardboard will be returned to your company.

These are then emptied on a scheduled or as-requested basis.

For premises without the space for a container, we can offer a scheduled, weekly collection from inside your premises. Collections are charged at the same rate no matter how much you have.

Why we are trusted with your recycling

For offices or shops, we can supply branded stickers which you can place on flat-packed cardboard.

Then simply place it out for collection at an agreed time, and we will collect it.
Cardboard is taken to a state-of-the-art facility, and 100% is recycled.

Our cardboard baler range is ideally suited to environments such as factories, shops and warehouses where a lot of cardboard is produced and quickly disposed of.

Rather than allowing this to generate a great deal of waste and end up in a landfill, cardboard recycling bins can be used to reduce this. See our clean rubbish removals.

Also, using a cardboard baler can lessen the volume of cardboard waste that you have, allowing more of it to be kept in storage and requiring fewer collection trips.

We make cardboard recycling easy

Here at The Recycling People, we understand that people are much more concerned with the way the environment is treated than ever before, and waste recycling is now much more common than it was several years ago.

We are leading waste disposal experts with over twenty years of experience, and now we can provide a vast range of waste recycling services at fantastic prices. Check out our affordable rubbish removal.

We can supply several excellent cardboard baler options, as well as cardboard recycling bins, which are all ideally suited to a range of environments.

For workplaces which produce a lot of cardboard waste, such as factories or warehouses, cardboard recycling bins can help you dispose of waste in a way that is clean and environmentally friendly.


We can also provide a number of cardboard baler models that can completely revolutionise how your workplace disposes of waste. We can help you find a waste recycling solution that suits your needs and preferences.

Unwanted cardboard gone with one easy booking

Confidential booking online

Arrive on a time that suits you

All rubbish is removed with no mess

93% of waste collected is recycled

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