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The recycling people team removing rubbish from home

Easy rubbish removals from your doorstep

From stunning countryside’s to cozy villages, Surrey is undoubtedly one of the UK’s stunning counties. However, what is unknown to many is the amount of waste produced and what areas require the most amount of rubbish needing removal.

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of rubbish removal services to choose from, although choosing one that ensures your waste is recycled of properly can be uncertain.

That’s why thousands of homes and businesses in Surrey use The Recycling People for affordable and simple rubbish removals.

We operate across the whole of Surrey, with our team on the roads, we can be with you within a couple of hours when booking!

Fast rubbish removals at rates you can afford

The world of rubbish can be confusing. Some rubbish removal companies quote by the kilo, which can not be easily understood by the homeowner or tenant.

So here at The Recycling People, not only do we keep prices low, but super simple.

All collections include a booking fee of £29.95, which has been discounted off our prices already – no one likes to do the maths themselves!

Our removals are determined by per bag of rubbish (one bin liner full of rubbish) + any additional household items, white goods and furniture.


Rubbish removal prices:

  • 1 Bag of rubbish £4.25 (each)
  • 1 Bag of rubble/soil £17.25
  • Household items £19.00-£99.00
  • Collection from upstairs/higher floors £20.00

Why we are trusted across Surrey

Where is the most waste removed?

On average, Surrey produces more than 200,000 tonnes of household rubbish every year that fails to be recycled, according to stats.

Across Surrey’s 11 district and county boroughs, over 550,000 tonnes were collected from households by removal companies and the council, with nearly 56% being recycled properly.

Where in Surrey is the most rubbish removed?

the recycling people team cleaning up rubbish in surrey

Where does Surrey's recycling go?

All waste removed is eventually taken to be recycled or taken to a landfill when it cannot be reused.

We aim to recycle over 90% of the rubbish we collect from you!

Waste is then taken to a local recycling center where it is then compressed and bundled up into half-tonne blocks, which sit under a tent outside a warehouse waiting to be loaded onto lorries and taken away.  

Much of the recycling is taken abroad, mainly to Europe.

Find your local tip

Removing rubbish the TRP way

Here at The Recycling People, we make all removals clean and eco-friendly so you can reduce your waste in a sustainable way.

We are responsible for disposing of your waste correctly, that’s why we are approved by the Environment Agency.

We make a huge effort in diverting mostly all waste removed from landfills, giving you peace of mind!

We take the risk out of rubbish removals, so sit back and relax while we take your waste. Give our friendly staff a call at 0800 138 9100 today.

Keeping Surrey homes clean with easy bookings

Confidential booking online

Arrive on a time that suits you

All rubbish is removed with no mess

93% of waste collected is recycled

Surrey Rubbish FAQs

Only waste that can be reused can be recycled, only broken glassware is acceptable.

Yes, shredded paper can be placed in your recycling bin.

Microwaves can be dropped off at your local tip, or our services can collect it for you.

Many reuse stores and charities are able to take electronics that are still in use, if not you can still take them to your local tip.